Work holding & Vacuum Chuck

Work holding & Vacuum Chuck
Material:  Granite & Ceramic

Flatness: 0.008 mm
Application: CNC milling / Grinding / Laser / CMM



Workholding means use a device to support and secure your workpiece that enables you to perform any machining operation on it without worry about your workpiece may move around. And one of our products—vacuum chuck­—is the very product that can serve as a workholding device. With this workholding device, you can greatly improve the efficiency of you machining and milling process!


With LONGYI’s vacuum chuck, your work piece can firmly stick in the surface of ceramic chuck table. When the airflow is set to enter the ceramic, the working object is sucked into chuck table, stick firmly on the surface so that you can work on your work piece without worry about it may move around.



Vacuum Chuck is mainly composed of micro porous ceramics and frames, also known as a porous ceramic vacuum chuck, which has two major characteristics:

1. Adsorb the work piece to stick it to the vacuum chuck.

2. Float the work piece and use it on the Air Floating Stage and Non-Touch Transfer System.


1. Can absorb the warped or hollowed-out work pieces

2. Can absorb a variety of work pieces of different sizes

3. The minimum pore size can be 2μm, and its delicate surface can come into contact with workpieces without leaving any scratch

4. Excellent mechanical strength

5. Can operate at high temperature

6. Antistatic

7. Chemical Resistance

Working principle,

When the airflow is set to enter the ceramic

(Vacuum pressure is a negative value), the working object can be sucked; When the airflow is set to go out of ceramics (vacuum pressure is a positive value), the work piece is blown up without contacting with the ceramics.

Our vacuum chuck can also apply in:

Uses in Semiconductor Industrial:
1. Wafer Transportation
2. Wafer Dicing
3. Laser Dicing
4. Wafer Grinding
5. Wafer Cleaning

Optoelectronic Industrial can use on:

1. Pick up and Place Chuck table
2. Work as a work holding device
3. Air bearing
4. Non-Touch Transfer Platform
Al2O3%: ~92% Water%: 0%
Porosity: 35~40% Pore size: 2~3um
Bending : >6kgf/cm2Bulk Specific: 2.28 g/cm3
Coloring: Black 

LONGYI Product

Item No.                               L           W       T        Flatness    Porosity        Bending     Zoning 

C-PRO-GB-10-10               100      100     29          0.01         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2         1

C-PRO-GB-20-20              200      200     29         0.02         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2         1

C-PRO-GB-20-20 -4s        200      200    29         0.02         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2        1

C-PRO-GB-30-25              300      250     32         0.03         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2        2

C-PRO-GB-40-30             400      300     32         0.03         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2         4

C-PRO-GB-60-30             600      300     35         0.05         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2         4

C-PRO-GB-100-100         1000    1000   60         0.05         35~40%      >6kgf/cm2         4

C-PRO-GB-120-80           1200    800     60         0.05          35~40%      >6kgf/cm2        4

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