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Explore the possibilities with us as we make a revolutionary ceramic brazing that brings innovation and durability of ceramic and metal. 

Joining Innovation and Durability

Ceramics, renowned for their exceptional hardness and resistance to high temperatures, have become staple components in diverse industries. However, bonding ceramics has posed significant challenges. a revolutionary joining process that brings innovation and durability to the table


The process

A specialized technique that fuses ceramic components together using a filler material (brazing alloy). This process overcomes the difficulties associated with welding or adhesive bonding of ceramics, providing a robust and hermetic seal between components. By combining the unique properties of ceramics with the bonding strength of brazing, engineers can now unlock new possibilities in their designs.

The Crucial Steps

The Process involves a series of well-orchestrated steps.

  1. Preparing the surface, ensures the ceramic surfaces are free of contaminants, promoting optimal wetting and adhesion of the brazing alloy.
  2. Selecting the appropriate brazing alloy, with a lower melting point than the ceramic material is critical. Proper assembly of the components and precise temperature control during heating ensure the brazing alloy melts and flows into the joints effectively. 
  3. Careful cooling process, to prevent thermal stresses that could compromise the integrity of the ceramic bond.

the Advantages

  1. Strong and durable bonds enduring the harsh condition (high-temperature & high pressure)
  2. Excellent electrical insulating properties 


Discover our advanced ceramic brazing techniques designed to meet the unique challenges of joining ceramics. Our expertise includes:

Active Metal : For superior bonding strength and thermal conductivity, suitable for a wide range of ceramic materials.

Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) : Precise control over joint formation, enabling the creation of robust connections with minimal impact on ceramic properties.

Diffusion Bonding : Experience high-integrity joints with our diffusion bonding services, ensuring excellent compatibility between ceramic components.

Electronics and Microelectronics 

Medical Devices

Aerospace and Defense