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what's advanced ceramic?

Taiwan advanced ceramic & fine ceramic, using high-purity inorganic compounds as raw materials, with precise chemical composition, sophisticated manufacturing technology and structural design.

Mechanical Properties
Bending Strength

Electrical Properties
Dielectric strength

Thermal Properties
Thermal Conductivity
Coefficient of thermal Expansion
High Temperature Resistance

machineable accuracy

Roundness, 2×10-3 mm
Concentricity, 2×10-3 mm
Smoothness, Ra 0.1

Diameter. 0.2mm ≤
Depth, 6 mm (depends material)

0.1mm narrow slots, (including various shapes)

Thickness, 0.1mm ≤
Parallelism, 1×10-3 mm
Tolerance, 1×10-3 mm

Smallest M2 internal thread, Precision : GB-7h
External thread (unlimited), Precision : GB-6g

Ceramic micro hole fabrication

Vacuum Chuck

ceramic nozzle

ceramic effektor

chip bonding tools

Customer's Actual Use

Epoxy Stamping Pin and Nozzle

Dicing Chuck Table

Solar Energy
Ceramic End Effector (Arm/Fork/Handing)

our certification


Development, Manufacturing and Processing of Advanced Ceramic, Metal and Non-Metal Materials Used in Electronic Components such as Semiconductors, Packing and Testing, Solar Energy and Biotechnology Medical Equipment Parts.

Anti-static is characterized by a resistance between 105 and 109 ohms. The resistance of the original insulating material of the microporous ceramic plate is generally >1011 ohms. The main purpose of anti-static is to dissipate static electricity.

The Most distinctive Materials

The raw materials of LONGYI come from Japan and Germany. In order to enhance the competitive advantage, LONGYI cooperates with universities in Taiwan to research and develop advanced ceramic materials, specializing in oxide ceramics, nitride ceramics and others, such as Alumina, Zirconia, Boron Nitride, Aluminum Nitride, Porous Ceramic, and Antistatic Ceramic.

Porous ceramic vacuum chuck

The Most Advantageous Product

                                                                                                         Ceramic Capillary & Nozzle

Advanced Ceramic - Die bonder dispensing square hole nozzle
Advanced Ceramic - Die bonder dispensing nozzle 02
Advanced Ceramic
Advanced Ceramic - precision ceramic nozzle
Advanced Ceramic - precision ceramic nozzle
Advanced Ceramic - precision ceramic nozzle

Ceramic metallization

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LONGYI focuses on quality. It is the main feature of LONGYI to provide customers with measurement reports before shipment, and the report files are directly output to PDF files by the measurement system. The measurement report includes distance tolerance, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, and coaxiality.

2.5D image measurement Main features:
1.Accuracy 0.001mmMaximum stroke 1100*600mmMaximum magnification 200X (0.03mm hole can be measured)

2.It can coordinate with the probe, calculate the measurement data and the same report.

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Longyi is committed to providing the best quality in the precision technology industry. Our production process is strictly inspected, and our materials are carefully selected.

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We strive to better the internal processes and improve production efficiency to enhance our customer satisfaction, which has eared positive responses and feedbacks from our customers worldwide

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Professional quality productions enable us to produce the maximum result in the shortest time. Our powerful manufacture offers large capacity and ensures stable and short lead time.