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Who We Are

  LONGYI advanced ceramic is a business division established by LONGYI PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD located in Taiwan and Japan. Mainly provides development and supply of various ceramic materials with different characteristics. And also provides customers with testing, development, and manufacturing of ceramic parts and components. The global service market includes oil, automobiles, natural gas, biotechnology, and wider medical care It is one of the important supplies for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

Our service

Precision Measurement
ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) / Reverse Engineering
5-axis CNC Precision Machining

Our Vision

We strive to lead in the precision ceramic industry, keep stepping forward and to improve ourselves in terms of technology, product quality, and services.

Objective & Strategies

Continuously growing on domestic market while actively expanding oversea markets. Let Longyi become a household name for the precision ceramic industry.

ISO Certification

LONGYI Precision Technology Co. Ltd. announces it has updated its Quality Management System Certification ISO9001 to ISO 9001:2015 with Care Certification Pvt. Ltd., an ISO Certification Body Accredited by International Accreditation Services (IAS) United States of America.

Why Choose Us

Conscientious on details

We are committed to provide the best quality in the precision technology industry. Our production processes are strictly examined while our materials are carefully selected

Pursuit of excellence

We strive to better the internal processes and improve production efficiency to enhance our customer satisfaction, which has eared positive responses and feedbacks from our customers worldwide

Quick Delivery

Professional quality productions enable us to produce the maximum result in the shortest time. Our powerful manufacture offers large capacity and ensures stable and short lead time

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