CERAMIC NOZZLE | ceramic capillary

 There are many types of ceramic nozzles, which can be roughly divided into dispensing series and pick and place series.
LONGYI focuses on the adhesive dispensing series. We produce ceramic and stainless steel dispensing needles, that’s unlike the general metal products on the market.


Smooth inner diameter that makes adhesive agents flow steadily.
Hardness (HR80-90), more abrasion resistant than metals.
Easy to clean inner surface


LONGYI uses an X-Ray method to ensure the quality of shipment. Reverse engineering services also use this method to prevent damaging the workpiece.

hitachi db-800

besi esec 2100

asm ad380


We make our nozzle’s inner shape as straight as it can be so it won’t have any sedimentations unlike other brand’s. That’s why LONGYI dispensing nozzles have a better lifetime.


Our ceramic nozzle can be customized.
First, we make the inner diameter then we make the outer shape.

Through the machining process we can provide the utmost precision outcome (tolerance 0.05).

Die Attach Tools-14


When the ceramic glue needle is glued at a speed of 90%

Ceramic glue needle is glued at a speed of 90%

When the tungsten steel needle output speed is 90%

Tungsten steel needle output speed is 90%

When the tungsten steel needle output speed is 50%

Tungsten steel needle output speed is 50%

Tungsten steel vs ceramic

When the tungsten steel nozzle dispenses glue at 90% speed, it shows an inconsistent amount of glue, making the product prone to fail QC. As shown above, Tungsten steel needs to slow down (to 50%) for its result to be the same as ceramic nozzle at 90% speed. 

In conclusion, Using ceramic nozzles will cut down the dispensing glue time by 40% with a great end result. 


pick and place nozzle

From the development to this day, from steel to insulating plastics to special ceramic nozzles. It replaces the previous nozzles which are made of various materials. The ceramic nozzle is made of refined zirconia at a high temperature 1230 degrees and it’s mainly black or white ceramics. These nozzles are made of imported zirconia, which is more durable and stable than its tungsten steel nozzle.

Setup and prepare the Pick and place nozzle system.
Detect and locate the object to be picked up.
Use the gripper or suction cup to pick up the object.
Transport the object to the desired location.
Place the object at the target position.
Repeat the above steps in a continuous operation.

Picks up objects and places them at designated locations.

Gripper or suction cup, control system.

Application areas
Manufacturing, electronics assembly, packaging and logistics

Enhance production efficiency and accuracy.