Chip Bonding Tools main features ultra-small single-needle and multi-needle chip bonding tools can quickly match the development of customers’ various wafer solid-state crystals, and have the advantage of winning market opportunities.

LONGYI ceramic single-pin and multi-true can meet the installation and product usage of different equipment of customers. In order to adhere an appropriate amount of glue to the bonding area of the substrate, the wafer can be smoothly adhered.

  • Applicable machine models: Die Attach / 2100 and AC 730/800
  • Single-needle dip needles are used in the LED packaging process.

The nozzle is often made of ceramics. The product has an outer diameter of 2 to 12 MM and a length of 2 to 10 MM. The length of the nozzle is less than 20 mm. The nozzle is made of iron in the early stage. It is easy to conduct electricity and is not wear-resistant. The negative effects of damage and static electricity will also affect the production process, and further change to ceramic nozzles, which are not easy to scratch products.

Single-needle dip needles are used in the LED packaging process.

Epoxy is dispensed into the substrate holder from the plastic tray, and is superior to various specifications in the industry.

Compared with metal materials, the ceramic surface is excellent in flatness and pen-shaped metal, and it is not easy to scratch the product.


Die Bonding Stamping Pin​

Its functions include protecting substrate, microcircuit, IC, and preventing the possible damages from dust, moisture, light and other substances that might cause the damages of products.

Can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires.


Die Bonding Stamping Pin​

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We offer:

  • Epoxy resin needle
  • Dispensing nozzle
  • Fluid dispensing tool
  • Epoxy dispensing tool
  • Nozzle
  • Dispensing needle
  • Microneedles
  • Stamping tool
  • Picking tool

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