5-axis CNC precision machining

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CNC Precision Machining is a machine that uses a digital signal system to control and manufacture. Nowadays, numerical control machines mostly use computers. The most important feature of its equipment is that the data can be entered into different cutting machining system columns before running. When the settings were done, the machine can do machining without intervention. It would follow the process and run different steps to finish the manufacturing.

Simply said, it is a machining machine controlled by computer values. Just like a common traditional machine, but applied high technology. The traditional machines need labor and the engineers to overcome the difficulty of the machining. Yet, CNC machining is using CAM applications from the computer and the programming skill. The rest of the steps are relying on the CNC operator’s experience to adjust the parameter and tool correction. 

LONGYI operating CNC machining machine follow by the standard organization

The method is:
1. Static tooling magazine and set zero coordinate, reduce tool length and workpiece correction times.
2. CAM will set up a static tooling magazine by tooling and material feature. In order to reduce programming time.
3. Start to do physical simulation after programming. Confirm tooling storage and tooling path availability to reduce standby time.
4. The operator prepares to tool for the program before setting up the machine, to increase activation.
5. First machining product’s size verification and correction. Confirm and correct program reliability.
6. Repeating quality inspection, reduce product’s defective rate.

CNC precision machining precision reference

Category Dimensioned Diameter Tolerance
Milling 0.01
Lathe 0.01
Grinding 0.003
Wire EDM 0.005
EDM 0.005
Geometry Geometric Tolerance