Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

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Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

A new low temperature process for the production of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ultrafine powders involves the reaction of acetal aluminum and anhydrous hydrazine at 80 ° C in acetonitrile. The amorphous precursor is then heated in nitrogen, argon or ammonia to form a crystalline product <1000 °C.

Aluminum nitride has higher thermal conductivity. The inertia is extremely stable under high-temperature environment. In the air, the substance’s surface will become oxidation when the temperature is higher than 700℃. At normal temperature, the substance’s surface still has 5 to 10 nano oxidation membranes.

Spec items: 99% white

Physical Properties

Specific gravity: 3.2 g/m3

Porosity: 0 %

Mechanical Properties

Hardness: 11.2 HV

Flexural strength: 220 Mpa

Compressive strength: 2070 Mpa

Young’s modulus: 310 Pa (N/m^2)

Fracture toughness: 

Thermal Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 4.6 40~400°C X10-6/°C  ,  5.240~800°C X10-6/°C

Thermal conductivity: 67 W/m-k

Specific heat: 730 (J/kg*°K)

Thermal shock/Resistor (put in water): 

Electrical Properties

Dielectric strength     :  16KV/mm

Volume resistivity      :  >101420°C/Ω.cm


Permittivity            :  8.5 (1MHz) C2/ (NM2)

Dielectric loss angle: 2 (1MHz) (X10-4)