Porous Ceramic Nozzle

Alternate names: Vacuum tools/Pick up nozzle
Material: Stainless+Porous ceramic
Size: As download file
Application: Vacuum grab soft and thin parts
Industries: Semiconductor chips, optical components/Films and FPC.
Types of equipment: Die bonder
Equipment manufacturers: ASM/Kulicke & Soffa

Porous Ceramic Nozzletools

Can be classified stainless steel (main body) and Porous Ceramic pick and place tools. Porous ceramic nozzle can be divided different pore sizes (2um, 10um, 20um, 30um).The larger pore sizes will be large air flow.

Porous Ceramic are different from perforated vacuum nozzles, the main purpose is to vacuum suction soft and thin parts also no deformation.It is suitable for semiconductor chips, optical components/films and FPC.

There are two important factors in good vacuum suction parts:
1. It’s sucked parts in parallel/vertical
2. Suitable vacuum source


Item NO./ Dim A A1 Porous ceramic propertys:
CER-PRO-NOZ-01 3 3 Al2O3%: ~92%    Water%: 0%
CER-PRO-NOZ-02 3.5 3.5 Porosity: 35~40%   Pore size: 10um
CER-PRO-NOZ-03 4 4 Bending : >6 kgf/cm2 Bulk Specific: 2.28 g/cm3
CER-PRO-NOZ-04 4.5 4.5 Coloring: Black



customized products :

Al2O3%: ~92%                      Water%: 0%

Porosity: 35~40%                 Pore size: 30um

Bending : >6 kgf/cm2          Bulk Specific: 2.28 g/cm3

Coloring: Black

Pick and Place Tools

High speed epoxy “dotting”. Widely used in industries such as IC sealing, photovoltaic, LCD, LED sealing, LED potting, computer/phone cases and frames adhesion, SMT parts, circuit board assembly etc.

Die Bonding Stamping Pin is used in the back-end process of bonding. Its functions include protecting substrate, microcircuit, IC, and preventing the possible damages from dust, moisture, light and other substances that might cause the damages of products. Can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires.



Porous Ceramic