Micro Dispensing Nozzles

Material: Zirconia
Color: White
Inner Size: 0.08/0.10/0.15/0.20
Tolerance Requirements: Concentricity 0.01 mm
Application: Microdispensing valves
Industries: Semiconductor / LED /PCB
Equipment manufacturers: Vermes / Nordson


Longyi is designing and manufacturing micro dispensing nozzles that can achieve small volumes or dots of 9 microns with high repeatability. We offer custom made nozzles to satisfy your manufacturing or equipment demands.

Micro Dispensing Nozzle   Micro Dispensing Nozzle

Micro Dispensing Nozzles -Application

  • Adhesive Dispensing Device for the Chip Industry
  • High-speed dispense on moving substrate
  • Liquid dosing for pharmaceutical production
  • Microarray dispensing
  • Precision material deposition
  • Mass flow metering
  • Slot die coating
  • Semiconductor production /Electronics

Micro Dispensing Nozzle   Micro Dispensing Nozzle

Some of our quality advantages

  • Resist clogging, improved fluid break off, no stringing
  • Improved accuracy on robotic applications
  • Dispense higher viscosities with lower pressures
  • We are capable to offer high precision with 0.01 Concentricity, 0.01 Tolerance and Ra0.1 (Roughness).
  • Our nozzles inner hole possess a highly smooth walls, and hence, offering and smoothly flow of liquids used during the process.
  • For production we can use different material ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina)/YTZP (Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia).
  • Also, besides our quality advantage and to reduce customer cost without sacrify, quality we use ceramic material.
  • Longyi use EDM processing, the reason of this is because use tiny pores molding and sinter finishing are also different from metal processing which is much slower and much higher cost.
  • We don’t do high speed drilling

Micro Dispensing Nozzle Drawing

Micro Dispensing Nozzle Material


Semiconductor, Solar Energy