Ceramic Arm

Alternate names:Ceramic Finger
Material: Aluminum oxide 99.5%
Tolerance Requirements:0.01mm
Industries:Semiconductor / S0lar Wafer

Ceramic arm/ Ceramic Claw / Ceramic Finger


The semiconductor appliance interior often use chemical drugs chemicals, mechanical appliance product born of the product and must be able to turn to the next site to be cleared, and a mechanical arm this product. To avoid interference with the chemical drugs compound said unto mechanical arm product biological chemistry reactions, many vendors have started to use ceramic products born of the mechanical arm.

The robot arm handles and moves the semiconductor wafer between positions.  It’s basically the robot’s hand so it is important that it be thermally and dimensionally stable and not contaminate the chamber with particles or chemical contaminants.

Some of the major benefits of using alumina oxide ceramics for this application rather than alumina metal include stiffness and high strength, meaning the robot arm settles to its final position faster than with alumina. Additionally, the robot’s motion itself is faster, optimising positioning accuracy and increasing efficiency.

In robotics, an end effector is a device or toll connected to the end of a robot arm. The structure of an end effector and the nature of the programming and hardware that drives it, depends on the intended task.

A robot arm can accommodate only certain end-effector task modes without changes to the ancillary hardware and/or programming. It is not possible to directly replace a gripper with a screwdriver head, for example, and expect a favorable result. It is necessary to change the programming of the robot controller and use a different set of end-effector motors to facilitate torque rather than gripping force. Then the gripper can be replaced with a driver head.


The specification of ceramic end-effectors:

  • Standard paddle and fork designs
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Durable and reliable

Passive Components, Semiconductor, Others