Ceramic Vacuum Chuck

Porous ceramic chuck

Alternative name: vacuum suction cup

Material: Porous ceramic + stainless steel

Flatness: 0.05mm

Industry: Optical film


Ceramic Vacuum Chuck

Ceramic Vacuum Chuck is mainly composed of porous ceramic and stainless steel. LONGYI attaches great importance to the selection of frame materials and also focuses on preventing the deformation of materials. Therefore, “stress relief” is an important process and determines the difficulty of processing.

Introduction to the Manufacturing Process:

Stainless Steel:
1. Material Selection
2. Material Cut Shape
3. Stress Relief
4. CNC Machining
5. Deformation Measurement
6. CNC Fine Processing

Porous Ceramic:
1. Material Permeability Measurement
2. Waterjet Cutting Shape
3. Fine Grinding


1. Combination Test
2. Glue Selection
3. Frame Material Cleaning

1. Grinding Processing
2. Deformation Measurement
3. Fine Grinding
4. Plane Measurement