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Precision grinding techniques include cylindrical grinding and surface grinding (also known as Blanchard or Mattison grinding). Grinding consists of using a spinning wheel made of bonded abrasive particles to remove material from the piece being worked, making it conform to specs.

The grinding technician decides which grinding method is the right one for a particular part, based on the specifications and holding requirements for the piece. The technician will also choose the appropriate tool to give the surface of the piece being ground the correct shape, size and texture.

Precision grinding the most suitable material:

  • ceramic
  • Tungsten steel
  • High carbon steel

Product advantages of the component

  • Narrow dimension tolerance (0.002mm)
  • High surface finish (up to 0.05 µ)
  • High accuracy of shape

Advantages of the lapping process

  • Nearly all components are processed without clamping
  • Apparatuses are seldomly used as the to be processed.

Type of grinding:

  1. Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinding
  2. Cylindrical grinding
  3. centerless grinding
  4. internal diameter grinding
  5. creep-feed grindin
  6. Lapping

LONGYI Grinding products

  1. MLCC Packing/testing Ceramic Index Table
  2. Die bonder Micro dispensing nozzle
  3. Expoxy dispensing tools
  4. Waffer processing ceramic arm/fork/finger
  5. Tungsten steel punch/clamp
  6. Dicing  chuck table
  7. Porous ceramic floating table


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