Pick Place Nozzles

  Pick & Place Nozzles being used as ceramic nozzles are more extensive. From the development to this day, from steel to insulating plastics to special ceramic nozzles. It replaces the previous nozzles are made of various materials. The ceramic nozzle is mainly made of zirconia refined at a temperature of 1230 degrees or more and is mainly made of black and white ceramics. Micro dispensing nozzles are made of imported zirconia, which is more durable and stable than its tungsten steel nozzle.

  • For production, we can use different materials ZTA (Zirconium Oxide Toughened Alumina) / YTZP (Yttrium Oxide Partially Stabilized Zirconia). In addition to our quality advantages and reduced customer costs without sacrificing quality we use ceramic materials.
  • The fact that the use of micro-hole forming and sintering finishing is also different from metal processing, which is much slower and much more costly. And we don’t do high speed drilling.
In the context of manufacturing integrated circuits, wafer dicing is the process by which die are separated from a wafer of semiconductor following the processing of the wafer. The dicing process can involve scribing and breaking, mechanical sawing (normally with a machine called a dicing saw) or laser cutting. All methods are typically automated to ensure precision and accuracy. Following the dicing process the individual silicon chips are encapsulated into chip carriers which are then suitable for use in building electronic devices such as computers, etc.

Some of our quality advantages:

  1. No clogging, improved fluid break off, no stringing
  2. Improved accuracy on robotic applications
  3. Dispense higher viscosity with lower pressures
  4. We are capable to offer high precision with 0.01 concentricity
  5. Tolerance and 0.1 Ra(Roughness)
  6. Our nozzles inner hole possess a highly smooth walls, and hence, offering and smoothly flow of liquids used during the process

Compared with other mechanical handling methods, ceramic nozzles can complete the entire transportation process without harming the products or raw materials. To put it bluntly, it is equivalent to a mechanical arm running the goods, using ceramic nozzles as a working platform, and CHIP devices or Other products are placed on the ceramic nozzle to detect the quality of the product.

The ceramic nozzle can complete the entire transportation process without damaging the product and raw materials, and draw thousands of materials or products every day.

  1. Micro hole processing size 0.08-3.00 mm.
  2. Excellent external grinding.
  3. Plane grinding high precision.
  4. Special processes such as microgroove processing of ceramic substrates.